Forex Price Action – USDJPY Inside Bar Setup | Mar 11th

Gaining 9 of the last 11 days (and pretty much tracking the S&P), the USDJPY continues to trek on without showing any signs of abating. We have already eclipsed the 2012, 2011 and 2010 highs, so had to go back to Aug. 2009 for the next resistance on deck which comes in at 97.78, so a fair amount of upside.

The pair has formed an inside bar setup on Friday, so there could be a good with trend setup here. Thus, watch for a break of 96.72 on the intraday charts for a potential breakout setup on the 1hr and below to get long. Pullbacks toward 94.50/60 can also be used as a chance to get long on the cheap, but we’ll stay with longs until a serious contender steps up for the bears.

inside bar setup usdjpy $usd price action chris capre mar 11th

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  • Darwin Troy M. Avila

    Hi Chris,

    I came across your ideas and trading method in your PA thread in babypips (ASIA2008) and it is very insightful. I traded live last 2008 and I was profitable for a few weeks then the recession hit and I was confused by the market and consequently lost all my hard earned capital. Now I’m trying to contemplate in doing forex trading again but this time I would like to try to do it full time and hopefully have you as my mentor.

    I would like to enroll in one of your courses and right now I can only afford either the Advance PA course or the Pro Forex Course. I would like to ask what you think is the best course for me to enroll in given that I would wish to trade full time in the future?

    By the way I hope youre fully recovered from your illness by now.

    Thanks in advance.


    Darwin Troy

    • Hello Darwin,

      If you had a hard time understanding the market back then, don’t worry, you won’t alone and only really good trend traders or price action traders made money then.

      I’d definitely recommend though the Price Action Course as it would teach you how to read that price action environment in real time, and then trade with the larger players here.

      In this course I teach you how to trade trends, pullbacks in trends, transitions in trends, find key reversals, high probability breakouts, critical support and resistance levels, along with proper risk management and successful trading psychology – so quite a lot.

      Thus, this would be my recommendation going forward.


      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  • deepak

    In any of your course Do you teach How to trade during News events.Thanks

    • Hello Deepak,

      The only news events we pay attention to are NFP and interest rate announcements. There are price action methods to deal with these so yes, we talk about this.

      FYI – i’ve tried to email you twice but it keeps getting rejected by yahoo. Hopefully this will work.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre