Euro Uptrend + Dynamic Support Profits | June 13th

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EURUSD – Buying on Support Mantra Repeats
Just yesterday I reco’d buying on a dip into the 20ema off the 4hr chart, where I suggested taking a bid on any dip just sub 1.33 and off the 20ema. Savvy price action traders that took this buy reco are already up +75pips or more, so hopefully you got in on this as well.

Although the trend is steady and I’d like to suggest a rinse-lather-repeat trend play, being the end of the week, I’m going to suggest cautious buys as we’ve had our first penetration since last week. Thus, look only for highly corrective pullbacks on the intraday charts to buy at the 20ema (now around 1.3300), targeting 1.3350 and 1.3425 with tight stops below.

dynamic support intraday price action euro

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