WTI – Buy Trade Setup At Role Reversal Level Profits Again | May 18

WTI – Buy Setup Off RRL Profits Again (4hr chart)
We suggested last week and the week before to remain buyers off the role reversal level at 58.45 as we felt this would offer a good risk:reward with trend setup. At the end of last week WTI Oil hit this level again where bids stepped in heavily showing their interest again here.

Congrats to the members who profited from this trade as you’d be up almost +200 points now.

ST we are in a corrective phase between 58.45 and 61.75 so play the range with a bullish trend bias for now. Only a daily close below the role reversal level negates our bullish bias. Beyond 61.75 and 62.50 puts 63.89 into focus.


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  • Anki

    Hi chris
    thank you for your good stuffs.
    Just Profitable Trades!!

    You Select your profitable trades and then say “Congrats to the members who profited from this trade”

    Why Chris? we’re here not for your past Selective Profitable Signals(SPS),we’re here for learning from an honest guy.


    • Chris Capre

      Hello Anki (if that is your real name since you left a fake email address),

      Of course I’m going to congratulate my members who traded this setup and did a good job on execution. Reinforcement of positive habits are important to help them repeat those actions in the future.

      But this site isn’t just for you, it’s for my members as well.

      And are you saying I shouldn’t re-enforce them doing something correctly or congratulate them?

      I’m guessing not, but there is commentary in here as well, so just read that instead.

      If you want to learn more, then become a member, or just read the free stuff and get from it what you can.

      Whichever path you take, I do hope it leads to you becoming a better trader.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre