A Question To All Traders

I have been working on a thought experiment for traders here that I will be doing a webinar on in about a month, but before that, wanted to ask all of you traders a question which I think will produce some interesting answers.

The question is the following;

What would you feel like if you were a highly successful trader?

what would you feel like if you were a highly successful trader 2ndskiesforex.com

I should state the question is not, ‘what would you do if you were a highly successful trader‘, but what would it feel like to you?

So answers to this would go something like;
I would feel _______________________ about _____________________
I would feel _______________________ and ______________________

Or something along those lines.

So I pose the question to you traders.  You can answer with your name or anonymous if you like.

But I think this will reveal some interesting information about trading and the mind so am looking forward to hearing your answers.

Kind Regards,
Chris Capre
Facebook: 2ndSkiesForex

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  • Mantas

    I would feel like a monkey with AK-47
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhxqIITtTtU 😉


  • Glenn

    If I were a successful trader, I would feel a sense of pride in accomplishing the goal that I set out to do.

  • Nikos

    Hi chris!

    To tell the truth i would know that for sure only when and if i became a succesfull trader:-), now i beleive i will feel more balanced, like i will reach my inside equilibrium where fear and greed are completely upsent.

    Best regards

  • human cannonball

    Realizing that you have successfully learned something you have been trying to figure out is one of the more rewarding things in life.
    I obviously would smile.
    It would probably also mean that I had already found out how to set up my spreadsheets to evaluate trading systems. That is not too much fun and it would be a nice side effect if I had put this behind me already 😉

  • Kaisar Imam

    I will feel independent of daily job and will live my life as i like.

  • asdf

    I would feel great with myself, because that would prove that I have accomplished something important in my life (economic independence). Besides I could work and make money in something that I love which is a very rare thing in this days

  • Lokesh

    If i were a successful trader , i would feel that my learning and hardwork is in the right direction and try to explore more of it.

  • Tony

    Hi Chris,

    I would feel confident about taking each and every trade that my method/strategy presented me with regardless of the result of my previous trade.

    Kind Regards


  • KK

    I would feel like I know what I am doing and others dont

  • phil

    I would feel independent! I would feel simply free. No job anymore that dictates you when to work, how long to work and what limited sallary you’ll get for a job that keeps you away from what you ideally wanna do: trading and enjoying life. I would feel able to fulfill myself any dream I have, that can be bought with money. And lastly, a huge amount of proudness of myself, that I’ve reached something in my life, that 99,9% haven’t: highest degree of success and absolute freedom!

  • mic29

    i will really not have any feelings at all. I really try hard not to have any feelings while trading nor for success or failure in trading. All I always want is to think and trade professionally.

  • Julia

    I would experience a feeling of calm and self-control because for me it’s about self-mastery and finding that point of equilibrium

  • yannis

    independence , self sufficient , and would be able to dedicate my time to more intelligent and useful things than the the Forex Market which in a 9 to 5 job is next to impossible .
    Main point ….not having to take part in the Rat Race anymore !

  • Hello Traders,

    Thank you all for sharing. I appreciate all the open-ness, candor and personal thoughts.

    I am going to be doing a webinar on this in about a month, why I asked this question specifically, how it relates to your trading mentality, and how one can learn to make your mindset a strength, not a weakness in trading.

    Again, thank you all for your participation.

    Kind Regards,

  • Gabriel

    I think I would feel a sense of pride, of accomplishment, but most of all I’d feel free to explore life to a much larger extent and help others.

  • Graeme

    I would have feelings of confidence,achievement, and excitement at the changes I could make in my life and in the lives of others.
    Thanks for asking the question Chris and the opportunity to reflect on it.
    Look forward gratefully for your further input.
    Looking at the heartbeat of a trader is another piece in the puzzle of becoming a highly successful trader.

  • JimS

    I would feel an immense sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and freedom, both financial and freedom to use my time my way.

  • Emad

    I’d feel satisfied from having the job i do best with no limits..

    And would feel so thankfull to those who showed me how to walk on this fast lane..

    And to return the favor i shall teach others.
    And would feel free to do all adventures that we can only imagine to do..

    Simply it’s a feeling of living a slow pace peacefull life not missing its beautiful views by aimless speed.

  • alrik3

    I would probably feel very empty inside cause one of the joyes lies in the learning process

    • Interesting response. Reason I say this is the learning never stops just because you are successful and have realized the full manifestation of it.
      Michael Jordan, even when at the top of his game, said he felt like a little kid out there as he was still learning new things.

      Just my thoughts.

      Kind Regards,

  • alrik3

    You are absolutly right in that learning is à never ending process!
    But I suspect that sometimes when you reach your goal (feeling great pride and joy) you ask yourself – Now what?
    This is due to the fact that the time needed to upkeep your ability is less then the time spent to learn your ability ie you suddenly have alot of sparetime.
    The movie “Bobby Fischer against the world” have à really nice scene in the middle after he won the title sitting on à bench in à amusement park looking at different fairs with a totaly blank expression in his face. You can almost see and hear him crack at that moment. He actually confesses at some point that after winning the world title he lost his purpouse in life. (no compareisence with myself, but I think I do know what he mean)


    • My feeling is to think one will relate to this as the same way Fisher did to chess would be a mistake. You are not Bobby and he is not you so important not to place that image of what it would be like if you reached the mountain. How many musicians have reached the pinnacle and are still looking to break their barriers and boundaries? What about Einstein after finishing relativity theory? There are more secrets to discover and to think that once you reach your goal, you’ll be disenchanted I think is short-sighted and limiting because the market evolves, changes, along with the technology, instruments, global economic environment, so I think to have this image about what its like to reach the pinnacle, and put this as a likely outcome for you would be damaging towards your development as it will be in the back of your mind when trading.

      Hope this explains it further.

      Kind Regards,

  • Jeff

    I would feel I have a set of skills and the ability to act.

    I would feel I have relearned / reprogrammed my limiting beliefs about money / abundance and my self worth.

    I would feel a deep appreciation for all the blessings I have and would receive, not just in possessions but opportunities wealth brings, and a great sense of well being in what I can do for others.

    I might feel a journey is not over but a destination has been fulfilled.

    I would feel no matter what I set out to accomplish, I could achieve.

  • Graeme

    alrick3 does raise a valid point regarding the ‘achiever experience’, but I think it is ‘more of a problem’ for those that are no longer at the ‘top of their game’. In our national professional football code here in Australia, the issue of ‘life after football’ is something players are addressing while they are still playing. We can see from the replies to Chris’s question, becoming a highly successful trader is not the end game but a ‘chosen’ pathway to open further doors of opportunity inside or outside of trading. Chris’s question raises the point – learning to deal with success is the flip side of learning to deal with failure. Also fellow traders, there are many doors that can open to a ‘highly successful life’, which should not be discounted whichever way your trading ambitions end up taking you.

  • db-trader

    I would feel a sense of pride and accomplishment however one never stops learning so I doubt one ever really reaches the top.

  • Nikos

    I would feel like i can save my country!
    I am from Greece by the way 😉

  • Santosh Kanekar

    I would feel free from fears and truly experience living in the present all the time

  • mark

    I would feel that I could do even better in the constant pursuit of excellence

    • thanks for sharing mark

      much appreciated

      kind regards

  • Kerry

    I would feel a deep sense of accomplishment and success. Trading is hard work.

  • Vytas

    it would be wiser to ask all ready successful ones. feelings are not imaginary:)

  • Bin

    I feel I have ability to change my career when I like to. 🙂

  • Chris Crooke

    I feel I will have reached base camp and now the real climb begins

  • hugo jensen

    Hello Chris!

    First, I would feel proud about myself.

    Then I would feel happy, because now I have achieved
    the independence to do what I want and share my wealth
    with whom and what course I want.

    P.S I would still try and better myself in trading, because
    that is my passion.

    Regards Hugo.

  • SystemDC

    I would never feel like I am a successful trader in my own mind because we always have things to improve on whether big or small. Sure I might me able to consistently generate profit – and feel proud about it in the short term however in the long term, I will always feel like my journey in trading is not finished and will continue to improve it to the highest level possible. I believe the term is called ‘kaizen’ 🙂

  • serafina

    i would feel confident and secure but cautious and aware that there will always be loss time.

    • A very interesting response Serafina.

      Thank you for being so candid.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  • dave j

    gday Chris thanks for the knowledge..I would be grateful that I can live anywhere on the planet,or just follow the sun,and be able to concentrate on health and longevity,and/or help others to achieve what I did.gday dave j

  • Paul

    I’l be a successful trader when i acheive 75% ITM trades (options) and have the discipline to not take trades i’m not fully happy with.

    • Hello Paul,

      Hmm, interesting thought process. Why 75%? when ou can make money a ton of money with the right reward to risk ratios (lesser for sure)? Why define success by a number and not a process, growth or progress?

      Food thought.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  • Steve

    I would be confident about my trading decisions.

  • Mideel

    For the first time I realized finally I have became successful trader I would feel proud, joy and relieved because I have reached my main destination that is to get stable and consistent income for my life without too much hard works or efforts anymore like have to receive orders from my boss ( even though I know trading still needs effort too and the process to become a successful trader is of course not easy ).

    Later on I will feel peace and calm and be grateful for all of this, and I won’t be greedy even though I still want to improve myself, of course I want to help others too that need my help.

  • Martin

    I would feel proud of me ___ about having overpass all the steps / problems that was need to accomplish this giant steps

    I would feel relief to know that I could finally enjoy free time and be able to devote a part of this free time and resources to others like I use to