2 Things Every Forex Trader Needs to Remember

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In closing out this great week which was fraught with challenges and upswings, I wanted to share 2 things that have empowered me during my trading career from the beginning through to this day;

1) Choose the Path That You Burn, Churn and Yearn to Be
Over 13 years ago, I started trading. I had no training in business, economics, or finance. Not even one business class in college. I was teaching yoga, mostly wearing pajamas all day, putting myself in postures normal humans or animals don’t bother to entertain.

So imagine the look on my family and friends faces when I told them I wanted to be a forex trader. On the gentle side were question marks across their faces. From my parents – complete panic I’d never have a stable life.

Yet from the moment I opened up that platform and hit buy on the USDJPY, I knew what I wanted to do.

The burn, churn and yearn that I had back then to learn to trade back then is the same as it is today. The hardest decisions we face are usually the ones which nobody supports. Yet usually they are often the most important ones we’ll ever make.

If you feel a burning inside to trade – don’t ever forget it, and don’t let anything stop you. Whether you have to sleep in your car, walk over broken glass with no shoes, or forgo sleep for years to come. Do it, and don’t stop till you get to the other side….

And then keep going.

2) Enjoy Your Flaws – For They Reveal A Hidden Wisdom
We all come to trading with flaws. We are human, and being human means having flaws. Any flaw we have will be reflected in trading which will mirror your strengths and weaknesses.

Have a problem with discipline? That will manifest in your trading. Fear losing money? That will manifest in your trading. Do not have the mindset of abundance? That will manifest in your trading.

The good thing is – your flaws reveal a hidden wisdom, a small buried treasure that will fuel us for a lifetime. Usually what separates us from that wisdom is fear. And it is this fear which robs you of your natural intelligence, of a confidence which is yours to claim.

So instead of getting hung up on your flaws, spending your mental energy in the rear-view mirror, enjoy your flaws, because on the other side of that flaw – that mountain you have to climb, is a wisdom for you to behold.

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Have a great holiday weekend.

Kind Regards,
Chris Capre

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