• Thank you, Chris. It was nice to hear you live and on the topic that fascinates me. Studying how a human mind is set up to perceive everything is my path in life. Whatever I do, I always look through this perspective, and it is what made your course stand out for me. I am only starting in trading, but I have applied this view in my life in other areas and I know from experience that the state of mind, the attitude toward yourself and what you do makes all the difference. This topic is so vast that there is never an end to it for learning more and more. I absolutely love your examples you chose to show how the mind works (the marine officer, archery…) Simple to understand that people can easily relate to, but so right on.


  • Great analysis, Chris. It is absolutely amazing to see how close the the market behaved today when compared with your Daily Commentary from yesterday. Your ability to read the price action is inspirational!

    Zoran V

  • I'm still consuming the content and making my way through it all, but already having flipped on a couple of charts in MetaTrader 4, it's already much, much clearer and I can begin to see the identification of patterns forming in my head. I really like the emphasis on the course being getting the foundations right, learning what's behind the charts and staying quite grounded - rather that the "let's all get rich" rubbish that prevails quite a lot with Forex.

    Steven P

  • My trading is all coming together thanks to you and everyone else who helped along the way. Your speeches about mindset are impeccable. I can honestly say you helped me a lot in that area and helped me notice how important it really is.

    Joel V

  • I have almost finished your first course and I want to congratulate you for your amazing work. You are really a genuine and exceptional skilled teacher. Your training is enthusiastic, very clear, intelligent, never overcomplicating simple things and over simplifying more difficult stuff. It covers most of all the aspects of trading, at least from your perspective. You answered all the questions I could have until now and, most importantly, you gave me the ignition to do my personal work in a direction that make sense to me. I hope that you will continue to find the same interest in giving your outstanding contribution in the trading world.

    Eric T

  • First feedback from my side: simply AMAZING course material. Lots of things fall in place. Massive thanks! I will recommend your course to anyone going forward.

    Pieter B

  • Hi Chris. Such an excellent course. I know many of the concepts you teach here with other names, of course. The difference is the very detailed manner in which you explain it all. Very valuable. I have been looking for this kind of information in order to give more accuracy to my trading and I feel it will do so.

    Alejandro A

  • Thanks for your course and your daily market commentary session. I do find out sometimes that I am already in a trade before you actually comment on it. It would seem I am getting the hang of your methods. I wouldn't want to actually pat myself on the back so fast because I know market conditions can change. So I will wait until I have probably seen different market conditions over a long period of time, and having scaled through them. Then I think I would be very comfortable. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I am glad to have you as a mentor and I am quite enjoying and understanding the Advanced Price Action course.


  • I feel like things are coming together as well. My overall assessment ability is improving and I've also become much more detached in viewing opportunities and open positions. When I'm in a position and I see price action that tells me my initial assessment was incorrect, my ego is checked at the door and I'm looking for a good point to get out. This has cut down on losses.

    Ross C

  • Just wanted to give credit to your excellent Daily Market Commentary. It's helping me learn the thought process a lot better. Your last webinar was fantastic as well. Keep up the great work, sensei.

    Mac S