• I always thought that I knew how to trade with price Action. But, watching your video lessons and member webinars now, I can say with confidence that I am learning how to trade with price action. Thank you, Chris.

    Ali N

  • Thank you for showing me the way. I am still a young trader, and have a crap ton to learn, but from you I've gained much knowledge, as my trading results show. I don't panic much, contain my fears, am becoming accurate in taking a high 3R countertrend trade in a super bearish environment, quickly reversed without being over-excited at a win. I am seeing progress, and I hope this gives you satisfaction as my mentor.

    Bu F

  • Another good week for me as I gain confidence and accept my dreams are becoming more and more of a reality for me. Your lessons are helping me perceive and discern like a real trader.

    Hank W

  • I had a killer Non-Farm Friday and I wanted to show you my trades. I got into both trades off of your setups on the 5 minute timeframe. Thanks for this powerful knowledge you have provided in your course, Chris, it has really changed my life.

    Michael K

  • I recently signed up for your Advanced Price Action course. I've been really impressed with it and have picked up some really good things. The trading psychology, base model and advanced price action order flow model sections are my favourites.

    Geoffrey J

  • Now I am so consistent with my EUR/USD trades that I rarely look at other pairs. I only look at other pairs if I don’t see any desirable price action on the EUR/USD. Just the fact that I am now able to really understand price action as a whole and not be afraid of trading the EUR/USD is just really awesome!

    Andrew d

  • To be honest, at the time of this writing I was a little in the trap of trading patterns and not reading the order flow. I was seeing a pin bar and thinking 'trade'. Since making several runs through the course now, my understanding of and ability to read order flow is making huge strides in the right direction. I find that when my analysis is thorough and, for want of a better phrase, I'm 'in the zone', guided a little by my intuition that my accuracy is definitely improving.

    Jack P

  • I am very impressed with the quality and the quantity of the training material. I am already looking at price charts in a brand new way.

    Sharon R.

  • I wanted to personally thank you for what you are doing for all of us. It is clearly evident you are genuinely interested in helping people. I see so many people in this business who claim to have passion for teaching traders, but their relative unresponsiveness prove otherwise. I have read many of your responses to traders, and I am amazed at how much time/energy you take to engage with your readers and followers. Your course prices are EXTREMELY reasonable - not to mention your giving of 10 percent of all such income to charity.

    Eric S.

  • I find your course extremely beneficial for me as a newbie, fairly easy to follow with tons of extras (e.g. forum threads).

    Catalin B