I really love the Advanced Price Action course and have learned so much about price behavior, order flow and what is really moving the markets. Slowly but surely I’m getting profitable with my trades. Started in December with a small account and am already up over 20%! My ultimate goal would be to be still a bit more consistent and getting to the point of maintaining around 5% each
week… That would be great. Still, my biggest struggles are with accepting losses as part of the game… That’s probably why my equity curve is so volatile. Ultimately I want to take all your other course offers as well, especially now that I’m thinking about trading with much more money. I really enjoy smaller timeframe trades and since my favorites instruments are Gold and the Japanese currency pairs, I thought about your Ichimoku course. Or what would you recommend as the second step in training? Thanks so much for the abundance of knowledge you are willing to share with
us! Kind regards.