Live Price Action Trades Of The Week | Oct 26th

live price action trade nzdusd oct 2ndskiesforex

Another week of excellent trading from the students which were quite active this week. Had a lot of contenders for this installment as there was some sharp trades, but here are the five winners for this week below.


#1 +63 Pips & 3.5R on the NZDUSD

Here is a good with trend pullback setup on the Kiwi capturing a large portion of the move before the pair bounced.


#2 USDCAD +48 pips and 2.5R False Break Setup

This is a great job by a student spotting a false break setup with their entry holding quite well, and then the pair skyrocketing to their target capturing 2.5R in less than a day.


#3 ~+50 Pips and +4R on

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