Korean Archery And The Training Process

koren archery and the training process 2ndskiesforex

In the summer of 1988, a new trend was about to begin. During the Olympic games of this year, (ironically being hosted in Seoul, Korea), team archery was being introduced. Since this inclusion of team archery into the Olympics, the Korean women’s team have won all 6 titles, with the men’s team winning 4 out of 6.

Before the 2012 Olympics in London, of the the top UK shooters, Larry Godfrey said the following:

“Myself and Simon Terry are the only British archers to have ever shot over 1350 points in a round. But in Korea, there are at least 50 archers who could score  over 1350 at the moment.”

Needless to say, Korean’s are some of the most dominant …

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