Live Price Action Trades of the Week | Dec. 22nd

gbpusd intra-day price action trading chris capre 2ndskiesforex

While we are not writing any market commentary articles this week as we are not trading, we wanted to share some great trades from our students over the last few weeks. Some of them show some fantastic entries, some showing some aggression and maturity making several trades in the same move, while others capturing the lion’s share of the momentum. But they are all good trades and thus made this week’s winners.

#1 +69 Pips GBPUSD Intra-Day Price Action

Here the student uses one of our order flow reversal models capturing a reversal setup & trading with the trend closing the first trade for +15 pips each lot, then re-entering grabbing +44 pips across their two lots.


#2 +

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