Improving Trader Psychology Through Neuro-Feedback

binaural beats trader psychology

I was planning on continuing with part 2 of the Best Support & Resistance levels article, but someone came to me with the following question just yesterday;

“Dear chris,

Do you know about ‘binaural beats’ and if so, would you comment on their possible uses regarding performance/trading.  thanks”

First off,  many of you are probably asking ‘What are Binaural Beats‘?

Ironically, I’ve been working with these for over a decade as my specialty in Neuroscience at the University was Human Learning & Memory.  I was studying methods how to improve memory performance, but also the learning process and how to accelerate it.

Binaural Beats are also known as Binaural Tones.  They are sounds/tones which produce specific stimuli in …

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