GBPUSD Intra-Day Key Level Holds. Re-Distribution Phase in Play | Dec. 4th

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GBPUSD – Consolidation/Re-Distribution Phase After Breakout
After breaking above the key 1.6255 level and offering a great pullback setup that we mentioned in our prior weekly commentary, the GBPUSD opened the week on a gap up. In our most recent commentary, we suggested getting long on pullbacks towards at the 1.6321 intra-day key level. Today’s low was 1.6322, hitting the level 2x over 12 hours perfectly where savvy price action traders got long, so hopefully you did the same. Currently the pair is +55 pips from that intra-day aforementioned level, but is in a range and re-distribution phase post breakout.

For now, the ‘lines in the sand’ are marked with 1.6321 being downside support and 1.6436 being upside resistance. Traders …

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