Live Price Action Trades of the Week July 12th

price action pullback off 20ema euro 2ndskiesforex july

There were dozens of excellent trades this week from my students using our price action systems, finding some excellent entries, exits, with the top one being +139 pips while another grabbed over 4:1 on its reward to risk ratio. Some find trading indeed, so hats off to the students this week!

#1 +81.8 Pips on EURUSD 4hr Charts

This first trade was an excellent with trend pullback setup using our 6NT system, only needing a 27 pip stop and an +81 pip target, for almost a 3R trade. Notice how the pullback stalled right after his entry, then started an aggressive sell off shortly after.

#2 +134.3 Pips GBPUSD 1hr Chart

Who says you cannot use lower time frames, or …

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