Live Price Action Trades of the Week | Sept 14th

NZDJPY 3P setup 2ndskiesforex

Hello Traders,

After two weeks of travel and recovering from illness, I am back to posting our regular weekly live price action trades of the week.
Here they are below with the top winner banking over +100 pips on the AUDUSD reversal, well before the various ‘authorities’ & ‘masters of all things price action’ were even considering a bullish signal.

#1 NZDJPY 15m Chart + 89 pips

Here is a great entry catching a breakout from what would look like a choppy range, but was actually a prelude to a large upward move. Can you spot the signal in this chart?

#2 +93 pips on <21 pip Stop!

Here is a nice with trend setup, but the gem in this …

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