New Peak Performance Trading Program Using Biodata

peak performance trading program 2ndskiesforex and neurotrader

We have just publicly launched our new Peak Performance Trading Program Using Bio-data & AI with 2ndSkiesForex & NeuroTrader. This program was created by a JV partnership between Chris Capre (Owner – 2ndSkiesForex) and Ken Medanic (Owner – NeuroTrader) to create the world’s first ever peak performance trading program using bio-data and AI.

In this video, you’ll learn about why trading education needs to change, why quantified data is necessary for your trading success, how bio-data is the next evolution for trading and online trading courses, along with how you can join the Peak Performance Trading Program works.

Other details included:
-Joining the peak performance trading program
-How to get a job trading for our hedge fund
-Program costs/timelines…

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