Trading Forex Breakouts - Strategies, Patterns and Price Action

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What’s Inside Today’s Forex Trading Article?

  • Let’s talk about forex breakout strategies
  • What are some consistent breakout patterns?
  • When trading breakout patterns, how can I avoid false breaks?

Ever heard the statements “most breakouts fail” or “you should avoid trading breakouts“?

Let me just put the kibosh on that by sharing with you Exhibit A.

Behold…Exhibit A – winner of the 2017 World Cup Futures Championship, Stefano Serafini, who won with an impressive +217% return (see below).

What was Stefano Serafini’s main trading strategy to generate such an impressive return? Trading intra-day breakouts!

So do me a favor, the next time you see some fake trading guru telling you “most breakouts fail

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