Trading Psychology: 5 Unique Insights from 10,000 Mantras

4 hours in, sweat on my forehead, a sore left knee and one feeling of exhilaration, I completed the 10,000th mantra.

Yes, for over 240 minutes (minus the necessary 1 minute ‘loo break’) I chanted the same 9 Tibetan words 10,000 times in a row.

Personally, I thought it would be a tad easier, but the reality (and surprise) was much more challenging vs. how it appeared ‘conceptually’.

What I learned from sitting on my derrière, all 240+ minutes, reflected back some gems about trading and the mindset of breaking through.

Here are the 5 unique insights I got about trading psychology chanting 10,000 mantras in one sitting.

#1: 2,000 Punches & 1 Month

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