Live Intraday Price Action Gold Trade +1415pips Profit | Dec. 7th

live intraday price action trading gold dec 7th

Hello Traders,

I just wanted to post a live intraday price action trade I took on Gold today, buying the dip on the NFP reaction as I detected strong buying interest at my level based on short term price action.  Chart below:

This trade was done using a rule-based system from my Price Action Course which occurs on a daily basis across multiple pairs and instruments.

Total profit on the trade was +1415pips.  In terms of risk, it ended up working out to be a 4.75x reward to risk play, meaning if I risked 100pips, I returned 475pips.

Prior to making the trade, I had commented on it in real time on my 2ndSkiesForex Facebook page.

It should be …

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