Live Price Action Trades of the Week | May 19th

pin bar signal 7R profit 2ndskiesforex gbpusd

During the last few weeks while pairs have been more range-bound, choppy and less active, members in our price action course have been catching some excellent moves in the market, with the top winner being a +7R trade!

Trade #1: FPB Setup  +48 Pips & +3.6R

In this trade, our student discovers a false break, and finds a second entry via our FPB setup (one of the strategies in my price action course). The pair almost never went negative (other than a few pips), grabbing +48 pips with a 13 pip stop, for a + 3.6R!

Trade #2: USDCAD Breakout From Corrective Move for +53 Pips & +3.53R

This trade was tricky because there was a choppy corrective bear flag …

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