Price Action - Reducing Price Spreads on Silver - Bottoming Out? Oct. 23rd

price spreads price action chris capre oct 23rd

After failing to break and hold above $35, Silver has been getting hammered as of late, dropping $3.50 in the last 2.5 weeks.  I would like to note how the price spreads have been getting smaller on each leg down (especially the last one), suggesting we could be seeing a bottom soon.

If price can get above $32.00 and break above the dynamic resistance and 20ema, then I suspect perhaps the precious metal will go for a HL (higher low) and then start to attack the upside.  Remember, as I noted before, last Friday 2.6 million ounces (17% of brinks physical supply) was bought up in one day, so we have to expect upward pressures on prices …

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