Weekly Forex Price Action Setups | June 16 - 21

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EURUSD – Will the Uptrend Continue?
For the last 17 days, the EU on the 4hr chart has held above the dynamic support and 20ema. We went 3-for-3 last week on our buy reco’s using this, so hopefully you profited from this, but will the uptrend continue? Although the daily charts show downside wicks and rejections (communicating a buy on dips order flow), the intraday charts are starting to look a little tired. So watch for a potential range or deeper pullback to emerge before the next direction comes. Key support comes in at 1.3200/3181 while resistance at 1.3384. I’ll look for buy signals towards 1.3181 if it pulls back correctively.

GBPUSD – Stronger of the Two?
Between the Euro …

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