Price Action, Breakouts & Order Flow

price action breakouts and order flow chris capre eurjpy

Today I am writing a potent article about pre-qualifying forex breakouts, particularly understanding them from a price action & order flow perspective.  When you pre-qualify a breakout, you put yourself in a position to identify it as a high or low probability breakout. To do this however, you have to understand what makes a successful forex breakout trade both from a price action and order flow perspective.

In my prior article 3 Keys for Identifying Breakouts, I talk about 3 such parameters for pre-qualifying forex breakouts.  They are;

1) Well Defined Support/Resistance Level

2) Pre-Breakout Squeeze/Pressure/Tension

3) 20ema Carry

When you can identify these prior to a potential breakout, you highly increase the probabilities of trading a successful breakout. But …

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