Live Price Action Trades Of The Week | Dec. 7th

nzdusd 15m chart live price action trade 2ndskiesforex

This week was quite packed with major economic news events and large volatile moves in various pairs. Our students did well capturing a lot of the key moves. Here are the trades of the week, across various pairs and time frames with some trades capturing almost 5R!

#1 NZDUSD 15m Chart 2.5R Winner

Here the student used an intraday price action model to capture a reversal in the price action, all while it being in a choppy environment. They snagged most of the 2nd leg up making a 2.5R return in a few hours.

#2 GBPUSD +69 Pips and a +3R Return

Here the trader showed skill in having a well placed stop, but also patience in sitting through the …

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