Ode To The 4hr Charts...

4hr price action trading shadow system 1

I want to share with you some results and tell me if you think these would be considered professional grade, or highly impressive to say the least;

110% gain for 2011
124 Trades, 74 winners, 50 Losses
59.67% Accuracy Rate
Largest Win: $14,360
Largest Loss: $8,180
Max Win = 43% larger than Max Loss
Max Consec. Wins: 16
Max Consec. Losses: 6
Max Consec. Win Streak 2.66x Larger Than Max. Consec. Loss Streak
Largest Trading Position: 1M

Overall, this could make the grade for a professional trader.  In fact, I know many that did worse (a lot worse) then him and would be happy with his results.

The 4hr Charts

There has been a lot of talk and garbage being …

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Trading the 4hr Charts