Live Price Action Trades Of The Week | Feb 22nd

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While many traders were sitting on the sidelines making 1-2 trades max last week, we were quite active, engaging and attacking the market. This week I’ll be showing several setups, from the intra-day charts, up through the daily and 4hr time frames. The top trade this week is a +8300 pip winner, and still holding the position. Some impressive trading all around.

#1 +4R GBPUSD In Less Than 2 Hours!

Here the student used our intra-day 3P Setup, finding an excellent false break + reversal setup. The trade never went into the negative, and with an ~10 pip stop, grabbed +4R in less than 2 hours as the trade skyrocketed to their target. Excellent work here.

#2 EURUSD +48 Pips

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