Developing A Successful Forex Trading Mindset Pt. 2

developing a successful trading mindset pt 2

In my previous article Developing A Successful Forex Mindset Pt. 1, I discussed how your trading mindset is essentially a product of three things;

1) Your Neuro-Physiological Wiring

2) Your Mindset of Level of Mindfulness

3) Your Psychological Conditioning

I focused specifically on how your Neuro-Physiological Wiring, specifically how your mind and brain are integrated and help in your development as a forex trader.

I also talked about the three main fundamental functions of your brain (regulation, learning, selection) and how these mental functions are critical for building a successful forex trader mindset.

Today I’ll focus on number two from above – how your level of mindfulness helps to build your trading mindset – gearing it towards success or failure.…

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