Pull The Trigger

Do you struggle to pull the trigger when you have a clear signal? Are you thinking about so many things you get analysis paralysis?

If so, your trading brain needs an enema.

Behind this bugaboo which haunts traders like you, are likely two core issues:

1) Wiring
2) Proper Training

The first reason you experience ‘analysis paralysis’ is because we haven’t wired your brain (through proper training) to cut down the noise and pull the trigger.

From a Neuroscientific perspective, the neural networks in your brain to ‘pull the trigger’ are not as strong (yet) vs. being ‘paralyzed’.

Trading isn’t about taking in a ton of information. Taking in more information does not = a good trader. Trading is a skill based endeavor.

My guess is thus far, you’ve taken in a lot of information, or taken information based training courses. These are a dime a dozen and all have the same look and feel.

You can have all the information and systems in the world, and still lose money. This is what most who pirate courses don’t get – they think the information and systems will short cut them to profitability. But they got the equation reversed – you have to build your trading skill set, not take in more information.

More than likely, any training you’ve taken before has been ‘information’ based, so we arrive at point #2 (Proper Training).

Information based training courses just give you the information and then say ‘go trade on demo or live till you get it’. This is completely insufficient for your training purposes.

What you need is a skill based training course that teaches you how to build successful trading skills.

By developing and building these skills, we are re-wiring your brain to have stronger neural networks for trading skillsnot information.

When the neural network to pull the trigger is stronger than the one’s which cause analysis paralysis, then you’ll get over this obstacle which many traders never get past.

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