Price Action Skills

“It is absolutely amazing to see how close the market behaved today when compared with your Daily Commentary from yesterday. Your ability to read price action is inspirational!”
Zoran V – Canada

Many students wonder how I see price action and market the way I do. They wonder what ‘special sauce’ I have.

From day 1, I observed price action. 45,000 hours later, and you could say I’ve picked up a few things.

However, my best price action skill for forex trading is probably surprising to you.

That skill (and all other ones I have) stem from one seed, root and source.

What is the root of all my price action forex trading skills?

The ability to read Impulsive vs. Corrective Price Action.

How is impulsive and corrective price action so special?

Think about it, what is conveyed in those impulsive and corrective moves?

I’ll make it easy for you and list all the things below:

1) Who’s in control of the market, and who is not
2) How much strength (or weakness) the buyers and sellers have
3) When they are getting in the market
4) Where they are getting in the market
5) Is momentum fading, increasing, or staying the same
6) Is the breakout likely to continue, or create a false break
7) Should I be looking for with trend, or counter trend signals

There is a lot more, but you get the point – a ton of critical information becomes available by understanding impulsive and corrective moves.

Now contrast this to what you learn from observing a pin bar. Can you tell all of the above by studying one pin bar? Can you even get close to this information by observing a pin bar at a key level?

No, or highly unlikely. You only get so much information from a pin bar, and that information doesn’t lead you to build other price action skills.

However, learning to spot impulsive vs. corrective moves does lead to other price action skills.

In fact, all of my price action skills come from this core model of understanding PA and order flow.

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