Private Mentoring

“There is one thing more expensive than education, and that is losing money.” Chris Capre

If you want to learn how to fly a plane or hit a baseball, you cannot do it with books, websites or computer programs. To learn any trade or craft, you must study with a skilled teacher or mentor. Only then will your learning truly take flight.

For those that have completed my Advanced Price Action Course (along with the other pre-req’s – see below) and want to get highly tailored training towards their individual challenges and needs, I offer private forex trading mentoring.

To hear what other people are saying about having a private forex trading mentor, please see our testimonials.


NOTE: Before you can enroll in a private forex trading mentoring program with Chris, you must first complete

1) his Advanced Price Action Trading Course, and
2) his Advanced Traders Mindset Course.

In addition, you must have completed your trading journal and performance worksheet with a minimum of 20 trades.

If you have completed the above requirements, you can then request an interview for my private forex coaching program.

My prices (Ain’t cheap, but it’s worth it):

1 Session = $399 – 1 hour

4 Session package = $1500 ($104 discount)

8 Session package = $2900 ($292 discount)