Making an Impact

How You and 2ndSkies Can Change the World

To make money is one thing – but to have a positive impact on people’s lives, is another thing entirely.” – Chris Capre

365 days a year, 2ndSkiesForex makes a donation to non-profit organizations around the world. Over 10+% of our net revenues (not profits) goes directly toward our philanthropic ventures.

Yes, we have a mission to help traders become successful so they can be more abundant in their own lives. But a twin goal alongside this is to use much of the proceeds from the course sales towards our philanthropic outreach. We see ourselves as part of a global community, and we work to help those in need in specific areas.

Our focus is to raise the quality of lives for others, providing resources to 3rd world countries, and education to various 2nd world countries. One of the greatest endeavors we can engage in is helping others and those in need. We work to raise the banner of help, and uplift the world.

Below are a list of the non-profit organizations around the world we support, either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly donations.


We just passed 720+ micro-loans to various small businesses across 60 countries.   I am grateful to Kiva for providing such a unique platform to help those around the world, who have an idea to uplift their lives and conditions, but just need the resources to get there.  Next goal….1000!

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To learn more about becoming involved in Kiva, visit

Vittana (a Kiva-like version for Education only)

Charity Water (A non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet)

Save The Children

The Cove

Hope for Paws (Animal Rescue Organization)

Watch a YouTube video of an animal rescue here

The LifeSaver Bottle

Mount Hope (Education & Food for children in Indonesia)

The Dolphin Project

The Malala Fund (Education for Young Girls)

The UN Refugee Center

Oceana (Protecting the Worlds Oceans)

Global Giving

Small Can Be Big

Direct Relief International