(Video) Live Price Action Trade Setup +7R | +216 Pips Profit

Here is a live price action trade setup I made on the EURJPY, using only a 30 pip stop and a +216 pip target. The trade profited +7R, with the final trade result and screenshot below.

eurjpy 2hr chart live price action trade oct 31 2014 v1

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  • Rizwan

    hello sir, vedio is not opening to me, whats the reason?

    • Chris Capre

      Hello Rizwan,

      I just tried it on three browsers and two devices, and it worked fine.

      Try a different browser, but its a you tube video so just click the play button.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  • Nasir

    Hi Chris, thank you for the great video. I noticed that there was strong counter-impulse bullish move prior to the setup, was this extra reason for you to enter the long trade even though the price still below the EMA? Can this be considered as breakout retest setup?

    I still have cautious approach towards my trading where I should only enter long trade whenever the price is above the EMA and short whenever the price is below the EMA (and yes of course with impulsive vs corrective model). The EMA is like a fine trading filter for me but somehow it holds me back lol.

    Thank you.