New Peak Performance Trading Program Using Biodata

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We have just publicly launched our new Peak Performance Trading Program Using Bio-data & AI with 2ndSkiesForex & NeuroTrader. This program was created by a JV partnership between Chris Capre (Owner – 2ndSkiesForex) and Ken Medanic (Owner – NeuroTrader) to create the world’s first ever peak performance trading program using bio-data and AI.

In this video, you’ll learn about why trading education needs to change, why quantified data is necessary for your trading success, how bio-data is the next evolution for trading and online trading courses, along with how you can join the Peak Performance Trading Program works.

Other details included:
-Joining the peak performance trading program
-How to get a job trading for our hedge fund
-Program costs/timelines
-How this will change your trading performance giving you quantified feedback no online trading course or trading mentor can provide

Hedge Fund FAQ

To qualify and become a peak performing trader for our hedge fund, you’ll need to complete the following qualifications/requirements:
1) Complete any Tier of the program (1, 2 or 3)
2) Trade on a demo acct (minimum months during the 6 month minimum training period)
2a) Trade on a live acct, 3 months minimum (no minimum account size)
3) Evaluation based upon consistency of execution, not minimum % return
4) 80+% of the time trade at your scheduled trading times (based upon submitted trading plan/routine/times)
5) 90+% of the time trading within pre-defined risk parameters (i.e. fixed risk % per trade, max risk DD no > 10% per month during program period)
6) Complete Advanced Price Action & Adv. Traders Mindset Courses by course/tier program completion (APA + ATM courses included with any Tier of the program)
7) Complete at least 1hr per week on the NeuroTrader platform

Funding Options for Qualified Traders: $10K – $1M USD

Payment Structure: Trader receives % of profits from performance
*Some traders may qualify for a basic monthly salary
**All traders must pay monthly fee for usage of NeuroTrader software ($149 USD per month)

To sign up for the Peak Performance Trading Program

Go to the following link:
Click on the program you want to sign up for. It will charge you the 1x non-refundable deposit fee, and then start billing you your monthly payments on Jan 11th, 2019. Shortly after, we will ship out to you internationally:

1) Your NeuroEdge device
2) Your workbook for the program
3) Access to the APA + ATM Courses (on Jan 11th, 2019)

You’ll also get access to the first training videos of the program on Jan 11th after your first monthly payment. Your non-refundable deposit will count as your last monthly payment in the program.

Make sure to email me a copy of your receipt so I can put you on my list as in the program. If you have more questions about the program, or how to qualify for a trading position with our company, email me directly via [email protected].

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