Forex Price Action – Intraday Breakout Pullback Setup

Here is an intraday forex price action setup I took, showing the result from my brokers chart (chart below), whereby I explain the entry, exit, stop, limit and price action analysis of why I took the trade.

intraday price action with trend pullback setup chris capre

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  • Adebisi Jamiu

    Nice trade i so much appreciate your support. But i saw an arrow at the sell entry and sell exit, how about it

    Thanks a lot you have been a great help to me in forex trading

    • Hello Adebisi,

      Am glad you are finding these articles and videos helpful.

      In regards to the arrows, yes, the top arrow is a sell order where I got in, and the bottom arrow is where I exited so hopefully that clarifies it.

      Kind Regards,

  • TasosK

    Hi Chris,

    Excellent video! As I have mentioned many times, the fact that makes you a unique mentor in the FX Trading industry is that you explain step-by-step your thoughts and the way you read the charts. And all these free of charge! So, having paid a minimal amount for the Price Action course of yours is the least I could do money-wise to pay off a small fraction of your givingness. Pleaseeeeeee continue to give us your lights esp. through videos!!! Thank you and kind regards, Tasos

  • Michael

    Could this have been taken as a BR trade with PA bouncing off the 20ema also Chris and/or the BR factor could just be used as extra confluence?

    Great video!


  • Eklavya

    very informative & educational.
    Nice to hear from you sir.
    Hope to fear more from you.

  • Max

    Nice explanation of small details, Chris. Thanks!

  • hiep

    I do not see you using MA 50 more, you can often combine MA 50 and MA 200 in different time frames? thank.

    • Hello Hiep,

      No, not really using the 50ema any more. And no need to combine 50 and 200 as they are not hit enough to be useful.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  • Tima

    Nice trade and explanation, Chris!
    How much do you risk when trading lower time frame (3 min, 5 min chart) in comparision with higher time frame (4 hour, daily chart)? Does it depend on trade frequency?

  • Kamoru

    By trading intraday , is it must to follow daily? secondly is it must to plot daily S/R on smaller timeframe to watch for PA? Can I based on smaller timeframe S/R to take trade without using Daily own?

    • Chris Capre

      Hello Kamoru,

      We cover these things in our Price Action Course which you are welcome to join.

      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre