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Live Forex Trading for +480 Pips (Simple Trading Strategy)

Here is a video of me doing a live forex trading with now over +500 pips of profit using a simple forex trading strategy.

In this video I talk about the ‘framework‘ I use to establish trades, starting with the price action context which then gives me the strategies I can use. But you have to establish the context first, because it is the price action context which determines which strategies you should trade, and which ones to avoid.

There are certain types of trends where you should use specific strategies, but other types of trends where you need to avoid those trading strategies. Once you have isolated the price action context (which we do via 3 pillars – something we teach in our price action course), only then can you determine which trading strategies to use. Then you can find your entry and exit conditions, including your stop loss, take profit and trade location (or entry location).

In this live forex trading video, I specifically share the entry / trade location I chose and why. I also talk about the bullish price action on the EURUSD, which I think is going much higher. I also share many other current live trades I’m in at the moment as well as the simple profitable forex trading strategies I use with my own money.

6 thoughts on “Live Forex Trading for +480 Pips (Simple Trading Strategy)”

  1. Hi Chris, this is a very inspiring trade setup. A quick question. When analyzing the price action context just before you decide on the exact entry, do you always look into the historical data to help you identify similar kind of pull-back pattern?
    The reason I’m asking this is because I could spot a very similar pull-back pattern in 2017 when you were showing the previous years’ price movements in the video.
    In advance thanks a lot for your answer.

    1. Hello Bruno,
      I’m looking at the price action context to see if it supports my trade ‘probablistically’. I’m not trying to identify specific instances where it looked the same. If it’s there, fine, but I’m not specifically looking for it, just the overall context.
      Hope this helps.

  2. hats off to you Chris. definitely agree with you Chris, trading is quite simple but people seem to spoil the party with huge greed and impatience and lack of discipline.

  3. Ronaldo Espinola

    Thanks for the video.I believed on the strategy of not waiting for the confirmation candle stick.I simply trade the level, based on the price action context.

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