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Forex Price Action Trades +1640 Pips

Hello Traders,

Often times I share my own personal trades that I use from my price action course strategies, but today I wanted to share some  from a student who has banked over 1640+ pips in just the last two days, using our strategies. This student (we’ll call him Stan) had joined our course only a few weeks ago, and has already paid for it several times over.  How Stan came to me is quite interesting and worth noting.
wasting time on another course
He took another course from someone else on price action just this last January and had the following to say;
“I started a course from him in January, and I do not want to waste any more time on his course. I like your forex videos, but moreso wanted to learn from your unique perspective on trading and life, so I’m going to join your course.”
He joined on March 10th of this year.
For the next two weeks, he did nothing but study and ask questions, really digging himself into the material and constantly getting feedback. He without a doubt has the passion and drive, and is using these to fuel his growth without a doubt.
After a few weeks of study, questions, practice and feedback, he emailed me on April 4th with the following;
“I have been watching the videos on the price action course, and today I nailed 3/3 trades which I’m still in at the moment. I just want to thank you for being such a good teacher and gifted instructor. Thank you for passing on the knowledge.”
Making a good chunk of money to have the time and freedom to do what you want is one thing – but having an impact on another person’s life is a completely different thing. This is what I strive for, as making money is not difficult, but being able to impact a person’s life like this student – is as rewarding as it gets.
Stan made these trades the day before NFP, and was up over +1060 pips heading into the big announcement.
After a few back and forth discussions on how he should handle the positions, Stan stayed in them through NFP, and has profited even more – currently up +1640 pips on just those three positions.
Here are the trades below from the screenshots he sent me on Thursday:
CHFJPY 1hr Chart
price action trading course live trade 2ndskiesforex.com chfjpy chris capre students profiting
USDJPY 1hr Chart
forex price action course live trade 2ndskiesforex.com usdjpy chris capre students profiting
GBPJPY 1hr Chart
price action course live trades gbpjpy 2ndskiesforex.com chris capre students profiting
As you can see, Stan got pretty darn good entries on the positions considering the JPY volatility – but has also held his nerve as they developed, which has allowed him to make several multiples of R (reward) per trade, with some over 10:1 reward to risk plays.
As of Friday just after the NFP report came out, Stan sent me another screenshot of him holding the positions, and even adding onto it using one of our price action setups.
+1640 pips live price action trading chris capre student 2ndskiesforex.com
As you can see buy the date and time on his broker platform, Stan was still in the position heading into NFP and added more. If you include the new position he added, he’s up another 221 pips, so a total of +1861 pips in the last two days, and each trade is no less than a 7:1 reward to risk play, with one being over 10:1.
Keep in mind, Stan only joined the course a few weeks ago, and has learned tools and methods to take advantage of these huge moves in the market. The irony of it is, he was not the top performing trader in the course this week, who banked over +6300 pips this week from trading Gold and Silver!
Perhaps you have not been profiting lately in the markets, and having trouble catching these great price action setups and large moves. But seeing the above, I hope you realize how you can profit from trading the market, with the right education, study and practice.
Making money in the markets is a real thing, and its not just something that I do, but my students do as well, and continue to do. My belief has always been – if they can do it, then there is no reason why you cannot as well.
My job is to give you the strategies, training and mindset to be successful, but you must meet me on the path. I can only do so much, and my job is really to do 50% of the work for you (although it ends up being like 75%). But for those that meet me along the way, and do their part, the rewards are there, just like they were for Stan in his excellent trading above.
Hopefully, you will be next.
Kind Regards,
Chris Capre

20 thoughts on “Forex Price Action Trades +1640 Pips”

  1. When is your book been released? I am looking forward to reading it for all the info you have been holding back to put in your book! At the same time I wish to thank you for all your articles and videos over the past few years. They are truly some of the best and informative for understanding forex price action.
    By the way do you actually use macd and rsi in any of your trading?

  2. Brady Haskell

    Yet another great article , I got that same trade entry on the 15min and ended up with 23% usd/jpy. As im sure you know Chris your holistic approach to life and trading is what makes you 1 in a million ,there should be more of you 🙂

    1. Hello Brady,
      Thanks for the kind words – I hope to be 1 / 1,000,000 by offering not just models on how to trade, but also to have an impact on people’s lives.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  3. Furquan Maniyar

    Hi Chris,
    Very interesting article and congrats to stan for making such successul trade.
    I have one question on NFP announcement . I didn’t see anywhere in fxstreet calendar or forexfactory. where to follow such announcements?

  4. Thats really great for ‘Stan’. But, it concerns me greatly Chris that you have decided to promote ‘Stan’s’ achievement to promote your course without highlighting the error of Stans trades. Principally given the weakness of the JPY he may as well of traded the USDJPY alone 3 times his normal risk. Meaning he was 3 times over his risk limit and would have suffered significantly had the JPY decided to strengthen. Chris, I am sure your course is great but wouldn’t it be best to highlight the problems with ‘Stan’s’ trades rather than use his pip count to demonstrate the potential application of your course. I see so many vendors do this time and time again. 3 trades is hardly evidence to support your course which I am sure is good regardless. Lastly, why is it vendors have such a hard time discussing percentage return on account. Because pip count sounds so much better doesn’t it! But there is a huge difference. I am sure you will not show this comment but I hope you will surprise me and show it and even address the issues here. You are not stupid. You are a businessman but I think it is better to demonstrate your superior trading knowledge rather than to demonstrate your requirement for business by limiting the important facts of a student’s success.

    1. Hello George,
      I think there is some confusion, misunderstanding and assumptions here.
      First off, why would Stan have traded 3x his normal risk by taking three separate trades on the JPY? This is an assumption. I teach all my students to have a max risk per day, and if they have multiple trades, then just divide the risk up evenly across the trades so the total risk is still the same. For example, if their max risk is 6% on the day, then across three trades they would have 2% risk each trade. Thus, there is no ‘3x his normal risk here’ or ‘going over his risk limit’. Risk is fixed % wise per trade and per day, so there is a confusion here about going over risk profiles which never would have happened.
      Along those lines, I actually think it was far more prudent to trade several JPY pairs instead of one. Why? Well perhaps the USD may not perform the best vs. the JPY. All the JPY pairs gained, but not equally, and trading across several would have spread out the potential upside profit. Maybe one pair had more resistance levels in front of it, maybe the CHF or GBP would outperform the USD, hence, just piling into one currency vs. the JPY I think would be a mistake if one was trading against the JPY. So I think this is also a confusion and misunderstanding here, and I see no problems with how Stan traded it. Quite the opposite imo.
      Secondly, regarding using three trades as ‘evidence to support my course’, seems like you missed the bus on this one, as I’ve been doing this for years (sharing student trades and performance), going back to 2011 when I shared an entire year of a student’s trading performance, whereby they did 110% gain for the year, with a 59.67% hit rate, with largest win being 43% greater than his largest loss, with max. consec. wins at 16, while max. consec. losses at 6, and largest position size being 1M. You can find the article here Ode to the 4hr Charts. There you will find his entire trading record.
      But in addition to this, I’ve been posting student trades like this for the last 1.5yrs on my 2ndSkiesForex facebook page, which you can see via the link. I’ll be adding more this week so you can see more examples. But it seems like you missed some details here as this is certainly not the first time I’ve done this – quite the contrary.
      Thirdly, regarding discussing % return instead of pip count – percentage return is a variable based on % risk per trade now isn’t it? So what your saying is, if they risked 10% (just using an example), and made 20R on the trade (20x their 1R risk), that it would be better to post they made a 200% return in two days then posting how much they made in pips? I would be much more reticent to post someone doing a 200% return, then their actual pip gain. Especially since % gain is relative to % risked per trade.
      But there is something far superior than % return or pip count imo. That is the R:R ratios on the trade, and total R gained. This to me is more authentic and a much greater gauge of how they performed then just pure pip count, or % gain which can seem over inflated based on % risk. This is especially true when they go several variables above their normal R gain, as this is where they pile the alpha on their account. But I will be posting this once I find out his total R, as from last I heard, he’s still in the trade.
      Furthering this point, you will notice on pretty much every trade I post from a student on my FB page, they almost invariably have the R:R ratios, and not just pip count, because I find these two in conjunction form a really good information base on how they did. If they hit their normal R – great…if they hit a much higher R than usual – even better! But regardless, I chose this for now as the best gauge of his performance instead of showing a potentially high % gain.
      So based on all of the above, I see no errors in Stan’s trades or problems to highlight. On top of this, I think there is some confusion, misunderstanding and assumptions based on your comments.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  5. Abdirahim Jama

    Hi Chris! It was a damn good trade by “Stan”! Especially to let the trade go … It is something I focus on in the stage I’m in right now. I even took the trade on GBPJPY was happy with my R: R 1-2 and went out of the trade. I got a setup after a couple of hours later I got again 2 times the risk.
    Cool did not know there was another Bilal on the price action course. Bilal, there were signs of reversal in Yen pairs and I got the price action trigger.
    Kind regard

  6. Hi Chris, even though he caught some good trades but to be honest looking at the screen shots one gets the impression that he just chased the market after the news as the entries are in the middle of 1hour bar and 4 hour bar. There isnt a price action trigger or signal unless he caught them on a smaller time frame which ofcourse he did not send out

    1. Hello Bilal,
      Ha – good intuition as he caught them from smaller time frames. However, don’t you think you are missing a few details on the 1hr and 4hr charts? Such as – how the 1hr bars all took out the last 24+ hrs (some up to two days) of price action. When does a price action trend reverse according to the methods in the course?
      Also notice how the 20ema was also broken for the first time in a long time, also signaling a reversal.
      I could mention more – but there are definitely some reversal signals I think you missed if you think he was just chasing the market or there isn’t a trigger.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  7. I like your trading methods, however you can teach your methods without talking about your perceived competitors!

  8. Freakin awesome trading Stan (or who ever you are), absolutely NICE! I am in the course and I am doing the best trading since I started but this is amazing.. keep it up Sir!!!

    1. Hello Jewell,
      You are doing some impressive trading yourself so keep up the good work and use this as inspiration for your own trading.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

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