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Don’t Make This Mistake In Trading

mistakes in trading

You followed your trading plan. You got in at a great trade location. You were calm as a hindu cow throughout and executed perfectly from A-Z.

But…that noise your platform makes when you lose money…you heard it, and your account is now smaller.

I did everything right, it looked great, and yet I lost money. What went wrong?

Nothing. You did nothing wrong…up until that point right there.


Because you made the one failure almost every losing trader makes. You missed one essential element that will drastically affect your trading performance.

Reinforce what you did correctly.

‘What does that mean?’

It means regardless of how much you won or lost on a trade, you reinforce what you executed correctly.

‘What if I only did one thing out of ten correctly?’

Doesn’t matter – reinforce it.

‘How does this help me when I lost money? I want that money back.’

Ya, no shit! So does everyone else in that situation.

‘Ok tell me – why do I need to reinforce what I did correctly when I lost money?’

Because beating yourself up damages your self-image. Because not reinforcing habits doesn’t help to reproduce them.

By thinking about and reinforcing what we did correctly, we increase the likelihood we’ll repeat them.

“We cannot control the movement of the market, but we can control our thinking process.”

And what we think about from the beginning to end of our trading day matters. It heavily determines our performance.

The more we control what we think about, the less mental errors we’ll have while trading. And that leads to greater performance over time.

It also leads to a stronger self-image that believes it is ‘like you‘ to trade successfully.

This tip is just one slide in twenty-six from just one video of the Advanced Traders Mindset Course.

Want to change the way you think, trade and perform? Enroll now and join hundreds of members in ATM Course.

NOTE: Course registration closes in 3 days!

I know, sorry to give you such late notice, but I have been talking about it for 5 weeks now, and it’s been plastered all over my site.

Remember, one of the key dividing lines between success and failure in trading lies in your mindset. Make yours a successful one.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Make This Mistake In Trading”

  1. Martin Caflisch

    What a lot of people miss is that Trading is not a Start /Stop process like driving a car from A to B.
    Its a flowing process like living.
    Or eating.
    U ate well and healthy today ?No matter how healthy u eat u will not be able to keep all healthy things for u,always only a small percentage.But thats enough for your body to stay healthier.Eating healthy is not about eating more,its about eating less but better quality.
    Same with trading.
    Less actions but better results.Improve whats already good to better leads to more quality.
    May GOD bless you and your trading with breaktrough and success !
    Thank u Chris for the Inspiration

  2. Hey Chris,
    Well said, this is absolutely true. We are using the law of large numbers for our edge to play out.
    It doesn’t make sense to beat yourself up over one trade because the result of an individual trade is random.
    But when you pull together a series of trade, that’s when an edge can be played out and allow the odds to tilt in your favor.
    Thanks for the write up!

  3. Great post! I see too many traders beating themselves up for mistakes they’ve made but being able to see that they are not their mistakes and that they can make refinements to their trading habits/process is invaluable. I know of a few friends whose trading game could turn around if they just internalised this lesson.

  4. You don’t know how good it was for me to read this. As a new student of your course, my last two days were quite hard because of a couple of trades I made that didn’t go so well. Even though they were made on a demo account, I still felt stupid for forgetting about basic things that I knew, but at the time didn’t occur to me because I am, after all, inexperienced and human.
    I couldn’t forgive myself until now.
    Sneaky trend man…*shakes fist*

  5. Thanks for writing this as this article reinforce what I do in my Vlog (video log).
    I try to cover both what I could have done better and what I did right. I use to be hard on myself but now little more gentle and always try to end the vlog with focusing on the positive.

    1. Hello Jewell,
      Nice, am glad someone is taking on the vlog recommendation. Sounds like you are doing all the right things with it.
      But am glad to have you a member of the courses, so keep up the good work as you’ve come a long way, and have much more to accomplish.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

  6. “You were calm as a hindu cow…”. HAHA, love it! 🙂
    Short & compact article but packed with great info as always. Spot on! Two thumbs up on this one!

    1. Thanks amigo – glad you liked it. Definitely went ‘compact’ on this one.
      Kind Regards,
      Chris Capre

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