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Advanced Price Action Forex Trading – Chris Capre

Many of you have been asking for specific content on how to do advanced price action forex trading.

advanced price action forex trading - Chris Capre - 2ndSkiesForex

So I put together a list of my top articles and videos to help you learn how to do price action trading.

Chris Capre

9 thoughts on “Advanced Price Action Forex Trading – Chris Capre”

  1. Thank a lot for all these Chris.
    This is a New Year Gift/Present for us.
    It will help us immensely.
    Thanks once again.

  2. Hello Chris,
    Yeah that solved one of my doubts but you didn’t answered my other question regarding the method or formula you use to calculate PP.
    If that is only for your course member then its absolutely fine.I hope you will check out this one “http://www.babypips.com/tools/forex-calculators/pivotpoint.php” and do let me know if its accurate.
    Amey Sawant

    1. Hello Amis,
      Sorry bout that.
      Here is the calculations but your brokers charts should provide this as you will not want to have to do them daily which will be a pain in the $%*)@$*(
      DP = (H + L + C) /3
      s1 = DP – (H – DP);//S1
      s2 = DP – (H – L); //S2
      s3 = L – (H – L); //S3
      r1 = DP + (DP – L); //R1
      r2 = DP + (H – L); //R2
      r3 = H + (H – L); //R3
      Hope that helps
      Kind Regards

      1. Hello Chris,
        Thanks a lot for the formula.Just now I have done the changes in the EA according to the formula.
        Amey Sawant

  3. Hello Chris,
    This post of yours is very helpful.Thanks for the valuable info.Apart from this post I want to ask you one question. Which formula or method do you use to calculate pivot points? Is it different for different time frames?(1HR/4HR/1D only)
    Amey Sawant

    1. Hello Amis,
      Am glad it was helpful.
      In regards to your question – 1D for calculating pivots. They should be the same whether its 1D, 4h or 1h – should be the same for all time frames up to 1D, after that, it changes.
      Hope this helps
      Chris Capre

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