2ndSkies Forex Community Guidelines

Welcome to 2ndSkiesForex!

Our goal at 2ndSkiesForex is to change the way you think, trade and perform. We are a strong trading community dedicated to helping traders improve their performance and change their mindsets about trading (and life) along the way in a positive direction.

Our work is to produce free trading lessons and online trading courses to help you and other traders achieve these goals.

We have various channels with which we communicate to our community including our website, or other various channels such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

People from all countries, religions and walks of life comment, leave feedback and ask questions of us and others while engaging members of the community.

Because of this, we have a set of guidelines and rules on how we expect anyone engaging in our channels publicly to communicate and behave, which are below in our community guidelines.

Anyone caught violating this will have your comments removed, and possibly banned for violating these guidelines. Also, there is no way we can list all the ways these guidelines can be violated, so we reserve the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate or unhelpful to the community.

This is also why we approve comments before they are posted to make sure they meet these guidelines.

Spam: We do not tolerate any form of spam, self-promotion, or promoting any projects/services on our site without prior approval first. We will automatically discard any such actions, and doing this multiple times (i.e. more than once) will get you banned).

Personal Attacks On Myself or Anyone: These are not tolerated in any shape or form. This means your language must always be positive or neutral in tone. Any negative tone will not be tolerated.

You may disagree with me or others, but name-calling or any personal attacks will be removed and get you banned. If you disagree with myself or others, then you’re welcome to lay out your disagreement, but it must be done in a neutral tone, and even better if you do so with facts/evidence/data to support your disagreement.

Also we expect people to be adults and disagree with an open mindset that you may not hold a monopoly on the truth of the matter.

We work to foster a supportive community of traders who want to get better, not a place to attack others or berate them in any way.

Other forms of behavior not tolerated:

  • Doxxing
  • NSFW
  • Commenting on a person’s physical appearance
  • Cross posting
  • Attacking one’s religious beliefs

Thank You!

Part of the reason why 2ndSkiesForex is so enjoyable is the community. To work with people who are serious about trading and wanting to get better is a joy to work with.

As we grow, we’ll continually evolve, and so will our guidelines, but it’s a pretty safe bet you can trust the above as a good rule of thumb for how to post, being a part of this community, and how to get banned.

We hope you chose the former.

The entire team at 2ndSkiesForex