A Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading

by Chris Capre

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Introduction to Forex Trading

  • What is the Forex Market?
  • History of the Forex Markets

How is Forex Traded and What is the Basic Terminology Used?

Forex Trading Session

How To Choose a Broker

Types of Forex Analysis and Trading

  • What is Fundamental Analysis?
  • What is Technical Analysis?

Understanding Forex Price Action

  • What is Fundamental Analysis?
  • What is Technical Analysis?

Trading Platforms & Charting

  • Line Charts
  • Bar Charts
  • Candlestick Charts

How to Trade Forex Successfully

  • Top Tips on Successful Forex Trading

Having a Successful Trading Psychology

Building a Trading Plan

Professional Price Action Trading Strategies

High Probability Ichimoku Trading

  • Components of the Ichimoku Cloud System

Getting an Edge in the Forex Markets

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